Tom's Cakes!

Tom has been working hard, having perfected the pies and embarked on Tarts, he is proud to have launched a small ranges of Tom's Cakes! Focusing on classic recipes his Mum used to make when he was small with a few tweaks here and there - this is an unpretentious all round enjoyed range of cakes. Rich and succulent Carrot Cake with a luxurious cream cheese icing, tangy and moist Lemon Polenta and finally a beautifully almondy Bakewell Tart. These cakes are tray bakes and provide 24 slices but they can also be cubed up smaller to be used as petit fours making the cakes very versatile. Trade customers - please email us if you would like some samples sent!

Soon to be launched and added to this delicious list - Chocolate Brownie!

"I'm always a fan of using all round favourite recipes and making them my own. This range of classic cakes will be sure to please all crowds!"
- Tom Cull
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